Article posted: Mar 01

By Marcus Hartwig, GM Americas

For more than 20 years, cryptographic hash functions like SHA-1 have played a major role in browser security, managing code repositories or even just detecting duplicate files in storage. SHA-1, or Secure Hash Algorithm 1, was designed by the United States National Security Agency and was published by the United States NIST. We applaud the recent collaboration of the CWI Institute in Amsterdam and Google, which now shows its many flaws and security weaknesses.

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Article posted: Dec 13

By Joakim Thoren, CEO

Our late fall 2016 global survey of IT and cybersecurity professionals has turned up some interesting trends for 2017, not the least of which is that more and more companies are and will be using multi-factor authentication to secure their data.

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Article posted: Oct 26

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

As the political researchers in the US head into their final two weeks of polling before the November presidential election, we here at Versasec are doing a little polling of our own: The Versasec Enterprise Security Outlook for 2017.

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