vSEC:CMS S-Series

vSEC:CMS will change your views on how to manage the lifecycle of smart cards. The vSEC:CMS S-Series is an innovative, easily integrated and cost effective Smart Card Management System (SCMS or CMS) that will help you deploy and manage smart cards within your organization.

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vSEC:CMS Connectors (see figure above)
  1. 1. Smart card printer for batch operations
  2. 2. User directory for looking up users
  3. 3. File and database servers
  4. 4. Secure transport of PIN codes
  5. 5. Event & log management
  6. 6. User photo capture
  7. 7. Certificate/PKI services
  8. 8. Physical access control systems
  1. 9. Hardware security module
  2. 10. Secondary/out-of-band communication
  3. 11. Key archival & key recovery
  4. 12. Credential provider -login screen interface
  5. 13. Remote security device management
  6. 14. User self-service application
  7. 15. Physical & virtual smart cards/tokens
  8. 16. Administrative operator console

The vSEC:CMS S-Series is fully functional with minidriver enabled smart cards and it streamlines all aspects of a smart card management system by connecting to enterprise directories, certificate authorities, physical access control systems, email servers, log servers, biometric fingerprint readers, PIN mailers... the list goes on. With vSEC:CMS organizations can issue smart cards to employees, personalize the smart card with authentication credentials and manage the lifecycle of the smart card - directly from the off-the-shelf product.

Product News

vSEC:CMS S-Series Version 5.1 is now available. A press release about this version is available here. Version 5.1 is a major new version of the product with significant changes in the product architecture. It is mainly focused on enabling deployment in large scale projects especially regarding Remote Security Device Management (RSDM) and User Self-Service (USS). The version has 14 new features and more than 20 minor fixes, below is a summary of the major new features:

  • Brand new Operator Dashboard view. The dashboard provides an overview of the current status of the managed clients.
  • RSDM TPM management and data collection.
  • Include machine UUID check in the RSDM onboarding process.
  • Support for Microsoft Group Policies (GPO) to manage deployment and configuration changes of vSEC:CMS USS and vSEC:CMS RSDM.
  • Functionality to centrally collect events from managed devices to better support helpdesk personal in troubleshooting client devices in regards to the vSEC:CMS client components.
  • Support task: Detection of double entries in User ID table.
  • Support task: Correct status of managed devices.
  • Support task: Correct master key ID used to diversify PUC for PIV cards.
  • Improved client (USS, RSDM, Operator Console) handling of communication errors caused by heavy load. The clients retry automatically in such cases.
  • New card repository field TimeStampAssigned and corresponding vSEC:CMS variable DBCardsAssigned. This gives the Operator the ability to see when a card/device was assigned to a user from the Card Repository view.
  • Monitoring and notification of HSM outage included in the vSEC:CMS System Status.
  • FIM migration wizard updated to include more user, card and certificate information in the migration process from FIM CM to vSEC:CMS.
  • More granular access control configurations for vSEC:CMS access to SQL database.
  • Additional details about currently logged on operators is available from the Operator Console.
  • See the updated list of supported smart cards here


The vSEC:CMS S-Series scales with your project. With the new load balancing capabilty, there is no upper limit!

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Free Trial - Download a Demo Today!

In this downloadable version, the hardware token that the system is normally preloaded on, is simulated by software. This way you get the same experience as using the hardware token directly on your Windows PC by just downloading and running a quick installer.

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To enjoy the vSEC:CMS S-Series full feature set (including Self-Service, Virtual Smart Card, HSM support...), contact Versasec to setup a Webinar or check with your local Versasec reseller.

Product Sheet

Download the vSEC:CMS S-Series product sheet here.

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More information about the complete vSEC:CMS product suite can be found here.

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Update from 3rd Party SCMS

vSEC:CMS S-Series includes updgrade wizards that enables quick and simple upgrade paths from third party smart card management systems. Check out the details here on how to upgrade from Gemalto DAS / IDAdmin 100 and here on how to upgrade from Microsoft FIM CM.


The product can be purchased from authorized vSEC:CMS integrators and resellers, via our partners reseller network or contact Versasec directly to let us help you find the best way forward.


The vSEC:CMS video content can be found here.

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