End-to-End Credential Orchestration

Versasec, a worldwide leader in Identity and Access Management, provides on-prem and in the cloud secure systems for end-to-end credential management. Versasec enables enterprise rollout of device-bound credentials with PKI and FIDO2 passkeys.

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Credential Management System (CMS)

Secure your digital infrastructure with our state-of-the-art system. Configure credentials, authenticators, smart cards, tokens, RFID-based, mobile version USB keys, for PKI-based cryptographic operations, FIDO authentication, VPN, desktop logon, email and document encryption. With our technology, you can ensure your organization is protected from unauthorized access and data breach.


vSEC:CMS our innovative, cost-effective Credential (Smart Card) Management System. Drastically improves management of user authentication credentials in businesses and organizations. Easily integrates into your infrastructure.


vSEC:CLOUD is a service of our credential management software. Fully subscription based and deployed in a virtual private cloud, Versasec will manage server hosting and upgrades for customers of all sizes.

FIDO Orchestration

Deploy FIDO passwordless authenticators with complete credential enterprise management. Have you decided to use FIDO authenticators but are struggling with how to make it happen? You’ve come to the right place!

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Isn’t it time to start managing your organization’s security effectively? Download a free evaluation version of our powerful vSEC:CMS and see how quickly and easily you can keep your company safe. Register to download Versasec software.

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Versasec solution

FIDO Credentials

Configure, manage, and automate FIDO credentials/authenticators for passwordless workplace authentication. Through Versasec credential management, FIDO user credentials can automatically be enrolled and managed in Identity Providers (IdP). Simplify and increase security by performing administrator enrollment.

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Versasec Integration

Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD)

Versasec‘s multifactor authentication capabilities seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) and Active Directory for certificatebased authentication, domain authentication, FIDO, document signing, S/MIME, encryption, and more. Our solution helps organizations manage their credentials in the cloud and onprem.

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Commonly asked questions

We look forward to hearing from you and addressing all your questions. To get the conversation started, here are a few answers that may help you. If you have any additional questions, please contact us today! We will be more than happy to assist you.

It is possible to manage a number of different credentials, physical and virtual, PKI and FIDO, USB tokens and smart cards, including RFID physical access control. A full list of supported credentials can be found here.

A customer with a valid support and maintenance contract can download the latest version from our support portal and follow the DOWNLOADS link.

There are many benefits to customers with Support & Maintenance contracts:

  • Software systems that bind several components together, in this case vSEC:CMS, have many external dependencies. When external systems change (and they do all the time – for example Windows update and similar) vSEC:CMS needs to be updated. Therefore we release new versions every quarter. These new versions are delivered as part of the S&M service. If an S&M contract is not in place, getting an update will be priced as buying a new license, i.e. user licenses, plus system licenses and mandatory 1 year of S&M.
  • Customers receive dedicated support should any issues be encountered during the entire time of their contract.
  • Customers are entitled to new versions of the system which include new release features, improvements, integration functionality, including new technology partnership integrations.

To read more, visit our support page.

Versasec offers many migration paths (wizard) from other credential management systems (CMS or SCMS). We also provide pre-built paths for:

To migrate to vSEC:CLOUD, customers do not need to be on vSEC:CMS, but can migrate directly from any other CMS/SCMS.

vSEC:CLOUD is a service of our credential management software vSEC:CMS. Fully subscription based and deployed in a virtual private cloud, Versasec will manage server hosting and upgrades for customers of all sizes.