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Our blog addresses the latest security trends and stories. The posts discuss how identity and access management are playing a larger role in keeping corporate data safe as well as brand reputations intact.

Phishing-Resistant Credential Management

Phishing-Resistant Credential Management

Versasec is the world leader in enabling phishing-resistant authentication. Learn how Versasec can help your enterprise.

Enrolling a Fingerprint - Blog 2

Enrolling Fingerprints to FIDO2 Authenticators

The new FIDO2 fingerprint enrollment flow with vSEC:CMS simplifies the enrollment process for all users. IT departments can manage it centrally with the user or distribute it through self-service.

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The Versasec YouTube channel is your go-to source for all things related to Versasec’s credential management systems and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

mallorca versasec kickoff 2024

Versasec Team Focuses on Device-bound Passkeys in Mallorca

After five years, Versasec held a highly anticipated meetup, bringing together employees for four days on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

Rising tide of data breaches

Rising Tide of Data Breaches

These incidents reinforce the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures, including phishing-resistant hardware-based strong user authentication. Businesses must prioritize data protection to mitigate risks and…

Versasec’s Ping Identity Integration for FIDO Authentication

Explore the powerful integration between Versasec's FIDO2 management solutions and Ping Identity to enhance security, streamline management, and improve user experience. Discover comprehensive credential lifecycle…

FIDO2 device-bound passkeys with Microsoft Entra ID

FIDO2 device-bound passkeys with Microsoft Entra ID

Do you want to achieve the highest level of authentication for your organization’s Entra ID joined devices? Have you considered FIDO2 device-bound passkeys? The login experience into an Entra ID joined computer is easy…

Navigating FIDO2 Adoption

Navigating FIDO2 Adoption: A Renewable Energy Company’s Journey

Embracing Versasec’s recommended strategies, a renewable energy company overcame FIDO2's common hurdles, embracing evolution and automating processes.


From Air Force to Cybersecurity: Meet James Gatsche

We are excited to have James on board. James' technical prowess and passion for customer interaction and cybersecurity make him a valuable asset to our team.

Governmental Influence on Global Cyber Defenses

Securing the Digital Frontier: Governmental Influence on Global Cyber Defenses

Versasec's vSEC:CMS plays a pivotal role in supporting global cybersecurity initiatives, including compliance with regulations like GDPR and adherence to mandates such as the Executive Office of the President…


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