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Our blog addresses the latest security trends and stories. The posts discuss how identity and access management are playing a larger role in keeping corporate data safe as well as brand reputations intact.

Versasec Notice: Certificate-based authentication changes on Windows domain controllers

Versasec Notice: Certificate-based Authentication Changes on Windows Domain Dontrollers

Versasec addresses Microsoft KB5014754 and notifies customers they will need to reissue their smart card logon certificates or map them. It is recommended that action is taken as soon as possible, avoiding the May 9,…

Batch Issuance and Revocation of User Credentials

When deploying credentials to employees, organizations have the option to deploy and revoke in batches; perform audits and revoke in a way that will save time, resources, eliminate repetitive tasks and human error.

Versasec Expands macOS User Application Functionality with Version 6.5

Versasec Expands macOS User Application Functionality with Version 6.5

Versasec continues to expand the capabilities of the Versasec macOS User application, adding self-reissue certificate capabilities to the latest version 6.5.

Version 6.5: Upgrade Users to Operator Roles In 2-Steps

Operator Roles in Versasec Credential Management are privileged accounts having access to powerful management operations. To protect these high-access and high-risk accounts, our software implements a crypto-key pair…

Mobile certificate-based authentication with Microsoft, YubiKeys, and Versasec

Mobile Certificate-based Authentication with Microsoft, YubiKeys, and Versasec

Last week, the Yubikey became the first and only external device that supports CBA on Android and iOS. We congratulate Yubico for this innovation in close collaboration with Microsoft.

Versasec-Okta Technology Integration

Versasec-Okta Technology Integration

Okta, a leading identity platform, verifies identity for user login into internal and third-party applications using existing enterprise credentials. With version 6.5, Versasec customers can centrally manage the…

Local Governments To Strengthen Their Cyberdefense

Local Governments To Strengthen Their Cyberdefense

There has been an increase in local government attacks by 70%. The US government has responded with a first-of-its-kind grant program to fund a resilient cyberdefense, establish incident response initiatives, and…

See Yourself In Cyber: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

See Yourself In Cyber: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is cybersecurity awareness month and this year’s theme is “See Yourself In Cyber.” From Amazon to the US Navy, hundreds of authors are already filling the world wide web to educate our families, children, and…

Founder Series - Joakim

Founder Series: Introducing Joakim Thorén

We bring to you today our last founder’s series video blog. Today is our 15-year anniversary and what better way to close than to introduce you to Versasec co-founder and CEO, Joakim Thorén. From Versasec’s inception,…

Versasec Credential Orchestration

Versasec Credential Orchestration

Have you implemented great IAM solutions - PKI, hardware credentials with FIDO capabilities, IdPs - but they all work in silos? Versasec offers a no-code, vendor-independent credential orchestration platform for…


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SCMS = Smart Card Management Systems
CMS = Credential Management System
New to credential management? Have a look at the Wikipedia definition of a ‘Smart Card Management System’.

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