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Our blog addresses the latest security trends and stories. The posts discuss how identity and access management are playing a larger role in keeping corporate data safe as well as brand reputations intact.

Enterprise Credential Management for FIDO Authenticators

With FIDO on the rise, we are expanding our products to include FIDO management features within our award-winning solutions for enterprises' best-industry identity and access management.

The Core of Identity & Access Management

In this blog post, we introduce our top integrations and features that ensure the utmost security and simplicity with our Core Diagram.

Case Study Automotive Dealer

Case Study: Automotive Dealership

Discover how a North American automotive dealership transformed its security landscape while enhancing user experience through advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Migration Paths- Feature Series

Versasec's migration feature for credential management systems enables organizations to smoothly transfer their existing user and system data to our vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD platforms.

Enhanced Support for Microsoft KB5014754 Windows Update

Enhanced Support for Microsoft KB5014754 Windows Update

To address Microsoft KB5014754, we’ve enhanced vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD to assist enterprises and organizations in identifying the authentication certificates issued through Versasec products that need to be updated.

Virtual Smart Cards

Virtual Smart Cards – Feature Series

One of the unique features that I find very competitive and economical is the support for Virtual Smart Cards,...


Connecting to EVERTRUST Horizon CA

EVERTRUST is the latest Certificate Authority to join Versasec's wide range of CA connections. See our step-by-step instructions on how to connect to Evertrust from Versasec's products.

Connections Page – Feature Series

Our Connections Page is where most of the client administrators live day in and day out.

Tap-PIN-Go: Shared Workstation CBA

Thales and Versasec offer a solution for secure authentication to shared workstations, we like to call Tap-PIN-Go: Shared Workstation CBA.

FIDO Management – Feature Series

This week’s favorite feature is "FIDO Management" and it comes from John Asan, Versasec Technical Leader Worldwide, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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SCMS = Smart Card Management Systems
CMS = Credential Management System
Have a look at the Wikipedia definition of a ‘Smart Card Management System’.