Analyst Interview of Versasec CEO Puts Spotlight on IAM

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

Whether you're an existing Versasec customer, a prospective customer or someone who is interested in learning more about the identity and access management (IAM) space, we've got a video we'd like you to watch. It's educational, illuminating and even refreshing. Here's why:

Versasec's CEO Joakim Thorén recently sat down for a conversation with Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest, as part of the industry analyst firm's 2016 Video Interview Series. During the interview, Joakim opens up about Versasec and its offerings. He discusses how the company got its start, where we've made strong inroads, and how our products are as well suited for small and medium businesses as they are for large enterprises.

As Joakim points out in the video, the company's original target was the SMB market, and we've made some important inroads there. But larger companies and entities – and plenty of government agencies -- looked at our vSEC:CMS solution and concluded it would meet their needs for user authentication and identity management quite well, giving us a strong presence in larger organizations.

During the nine-minute conversation, Joakim is asked about where Versasec is headed with its products. Take a listen and you'll learn more about the company's next-generation solutions, including an upcoming cloud version of vSEC:CMS, and more.

What makes this interview refreshing is that you'll get to see what our internal teams see every day: our CEO is intelligent, interesting, engaging. He's also honest and personable, and he's happy to explain in detail how our solutions can help organizations of any size.

Check out the video of the full conversation here: You can follow Richard Stiennon (@Stiennon) on Twitter, too.

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