GDPR Concerns, Smart Card Deployment Among Top Security Trends, our Survey Shows

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

We recently conducted our third annual global IT security survey and learned that for more than half of the respondents, the European Union's GDPR which goes into effect in May 2018, is weighing heavily into their current security strategy decisions. When we looked at EMEA-based companies alone, that number climbed to nearly 70%. But as most of know, virtually every other region in the world will feel the impact of the GDPR, and the survey revealed that among those were nearly one in three North American companies and more than half of the Asia/Pacific respondents said GDPR will impact them.

Another interesting result is that of those surveyed, 46% said they plan to deploy smart cards this year, while nearly 8% will deploy virtual smart cards, and 28% will deploy both. That's good news for everyone, as two-factor authentication is a proven method that can thwart cybercriminals in their tracks.

When asked what security methods they would implement in 2018, identity and access management was the top item, at nearly 52%, followed by network security (47%), cybersecurity (43%), cloud security (37%), encryption (34%), endpoint security (33%), multifactor ID (32%) and physical security (25%).

For more details on the survey, check out our press release with all the highlights here. For the complete survey results, contact us.

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