Largest Swiss Insurance Company Mobiliar Chooses Versasec for Identity and Access Management Solutions

By Adam Bostwick, Versasec business development engineer

Faced with the challenge of updating its aging computer equipment and maintaining two-factor authentication (2FA) throughout its 4,900+ organization, Mobiliar turned to Versasec.

Mobiliar's new Lenovo X1 Yoga laptops, provided to employees throughout the company, offered better processing power, but lacked the integrated physical smart cards reader Mobiliar used for two-factor authentication in older equipment. Challenged with equipment and users spread across 200+ office sites, Mobiliar not only needed 2FA solutions, but a way to manage these solutions remotely.

To learn how Versasec solved Mobiliar's technology challenge, earning praise from its CTO Hans Probst, read the full Mobiliar case study.

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