Versasec Unanimously Selected for SME-D

By Anders Adolfsson, Technical Consultant, Versasec

We began our business in Stockholm more than 10 years ago, and it's remained an important geographic market for our identity and access management solutions. Through the years, we've built up an impressive business in government, defense and security and have grown that business by 50 percent this year alone.

That's why we were honored by our unanimous selection to the Swedish Association of Small- and Medium-Size Enterprises in Defense and Security (SME-D). SME-D aligns with our mission to bring high-quality identity and access management security solutions to the Swedish high-tech defense and security section. Read more about our collaboration in our latest news release, and reach out to us to learn more about our defense security solutions around the globe.

Tags: government, two-factor, authentication, cybersecurity, security.