Congratulations to Thales and Gemalto!

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

It's not every day that two of our long-term partners merge to create a global leader in digital identity and security. Last month Thales and Gemalto joined forces to create a powerhouse company committed to advancing the cybersecurity industry.

This new merger will allow both Thales and Gemalto to create an "unrivalled portfolio of digital identity and security solutions based on technologies such as biometry, data protection, and, more broadly, cybersecurity." And these two companies will continue to focus on key Versasec markets, including government agencies, utilities, telecom operators and banks.

Their combined expertise provides a great opportunity for both companies. Thales Chairman and CEO Patrice Caine said, "With Gemalto, a global leader in digital identification and data protection, Thales has acquired a set of highly complementary technologies and competencies with applications in all of our five vertical markets, which are now redefined as aerospace; space; ground transportation; digital identity and security; and defense and security. These are the smart technologies that help people make the best choices at every decisive moment. Together, we are creating a giant in digital identity and security with the capabilities to compete in the big leagues worldwide."

At Versasec, we are pleased to continue supporting Thales and Gemalto's digital identity products from HSMs to smart cards and everything in between. For the past few years, our vSEC:CMS is the credential management system that can manage the most types of Gemalto digital security devices in the industry.

We're expecting to see breakthrough two-factor authentication products from Thales and Gemalto, and Versasec will continue to support these products, that will revolutionize the digital identity security industry. Congratulations and best wishes to our two partners who have joined as one!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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