Exploring vSEC:CMS Agent

Date: 2021-08-09
Author: Joerg Dettmann, CTO

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At Versasec most of us are technophiles and wear that badge with pride. So it’s no small thing when I say the Agent application in our award-winning vSEC:CMS identity and access management solution is one of my favorite features. Many on our tech team agree. Check out our short video showing vSEC:CMS Agent in action to see why.

Simply put, the vSEC:CMS Agent is the lightweight version of vSEC:CMS Admin (formerly known as the operator console), a new feature we recently introduced in version 6.1 of vSEC:CMS. The Agent application is super easy to use for everyday credential management functions, such as issuing tokens or viewing certificate credential details. It’s fast, powerful, and customizable.

Other functions within vSEC:CMS Agent include login, unblocking user PINs, checking smart card information, and checking agent credential details, among other attributes.

For a more detailed look at vSEC:CMS Agent, we have a couple of options, including checking in with us for a personal demo through our website by clicking here. The other option is to download the vSEC:CMS Agent and check it out on your own here.

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