PKI and Credential Management Cloud Migration

Date: 2021-12-07
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Global Product Manager

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There’s been a lot of talk this year about the need for companies to move their identity and access management to the cloud. The issue raises many questions, and it can be fraught with challenges. Last month, I welcomed the opportunity to talk on this topic in the recent global Thales Cloud Security Summit event spanning North America, APAC and EMEA.

We had the opportunity to discuss how some organizations are cutting corners and replacing PKI and PKI credentials with less secure options -- often as a part of a wider IT cloud migration project. That’s a bad idea. I invite you to watch the discussion on our youtube channel.

I strongly believe that the key for any successful PKI and CMS migration is leaving the user credential fully working without interruption during the process. For most companies, that’s not something they can easily achieve without help. For instance, it can be quite challenging moving PKI and PKI credentials from on-prem to the cloud. In fact, the number of challenges in migrating this cornerstone for defining user trust and authentication often leads to companies cutting corners simply to finish their migration. This is when most companies truly need outside expertise. During migrations to the cloud, PKI and credential management systems must also take into consideration remote/work-from-home users for common credential lifecycle tasks such as pin unblocks, reissuance of lost credentials and more. It sounds easy, but it can be a complex process.

If your company is looking for advice or assistance in moving credentials to the cloud, give us a shout here! Versasec can help.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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