A Deeper Dive into Operator Roles on Latest Version of Credential Management System

Date: 2022-02-09
Author: John Asan, Technical Leader

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vSEC:CMS S-Series 6.2, is Versasec’s newly released version of our flagship credential management system that makes it easier than ever to assign system operator roles. Our tech team has been active behind the scenes recording step-by-step instructional videos on how to use the updated features in vSEC:CMS 6.2. If you missed our last video on this release featuring Sectigo Certificate Manager in vSEC:CMS 6.2, find the post here.

This week’s video dives into the improvements of how vSEC:CMS administrators assign a system operator role. vSEC:CMS offers highly granular and customizable roles. By mapping Active Directory groups to these roles, customers can now add, change and remove roles assigned to their operators directly from Microsoft Active Directory. The new feature allows for this with a simple change of the group membership of the operators.

The feature was initially driven by the needs of customers migrating from other Credential Management Systems. Versasec recognizes this is a powerful feature for our customers as it enables integration of vSEC:CMS role assignments from outside of vSEC:CMS in an automated, controlled manner.

As with other Versasec products, every operator role can access the applications using strong credential based two-factor authentication.

For a more detailed look at what we’ve improved in the operator roles, contact us for a personal demo by clicking here or download vSEC:CMS.

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