Webinar: The Rise of the Virtual PKI Credential

Date: 2022-04-22
Author: Gabriela Peralta, Marketing & Public Relations

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Fewer laptops with embedded smart card readers and hardware shortages due to the recent pandemic, result in the use and implementation of the Virtual PKI Credential across many use cases. The Thales-Versasec Webinar on April 20th informed us of their benefits and how to implement them. Join us as we learn in-depth about Virtual PKI Credentials, aka Virtual Smart Cards (VSC).

Some key questions answered in the joint webinar:

  • What are some current challenges for hardware certificate-based MFA?
  • What is the concept and what are the benefits of the Virtual Smart Card (VSC)?
  • What is a User-Centric solution?
  • Are Thales products integrated with vSEC:CMS?
  • How can vSEC:CMS help with the VSC full lifecycle management?
  • What is the security level for each type of VSC?
  • Can companies deploy both physical and virtual credentials in one environment?

As always, thank you for attending this joint webinar, and of course, let us hear from you! If you have any questions in general or specific on how to begin evaluating vSEC:CMS over at your organization! We have teams around the world ready to walk you through an evaluation process for your organization!

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