How to Perform a PIN Unblock (or PIN Reset)

Date: 2022-04-28
Author: Paul Foley, Professional Services Director

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In vSEC:CMS, there are several ways that a managed credential’s PIN code can be reset, in other words, many ways to perform a PIN unblock. It is an everyday thing, for example:

  • When a new credential is issued to a user, the PIN is normally in a “blocked'' state or locked until the PIN is set up.
  • If the PIN expires or is set to expire.
  • When the user forgets.
  • When we block our PIN because it has been written incorrectly multiple times.

See? It’s an everyday thing.

In our Zendesk article “Perform PIN Unblock," you can find detailed step-by-step instructions to unblock a PIN alongside helpful screenshots. Let’s take an aerial view of some of these options.

The first step to unblocking a PIN is realizing if the process will be performed online or offline. Online means that the credential in question being reset is connected (online) to the vSEC:CMS, whereas offline means there is no connection from the credential to vSEC:CMS.

If you’re online, you have a few options:

  • Reset PIN via the User application: if the credential template has been configured to allow for the reset to happen this way.
  • Reset PIN via vSEC:CMS Credential Provider (CP): if the credential template has been configured to allow for this and the vSEC:CMS CP has been installed using the client MSI.
  • Reset PIN via OC: if the end-user is physically able to visit an Operator (person who is issued Operator Credentials (OC) and has access to the vSEC:CMS console) who has access to the OC and is allowed to perform PIN resets.

If you’re offline, that means the credential whose PIN is being reset is disconnected from vSEC:CMS. Most of these options normally involve a helpdesk person to complete the PIN reset process:

  • Reset via the User Application: the user will need to contact a helpdesk person to assist as part of the process.
  • Reset PIN via vSEC:CMS Credential Provider: the user is again in need of a helpdesk person to assist, but assuming the environment is configured correctly (explained in the same Perform a PIN Unblock Zendesk article) and the client application is offline.
  • Reset PIN via Windows Credential Provider: using challenge-response from native Windows Credential Provider (CP).

Don’t forget to check out the Zendesk Article to follow up step-by-step on the option you choose to unblock a PIN and connect with us on chat if you have further questions!

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