Version 6.3 FIDO Video Demo

Date: 2022-05-04
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

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With our latest version of vSEC:CMS, Version 6.3, you can now manage the lifecycle of FIDO credentials alongside PKI credentials.

Through FIDO, users can safely authenticate to the web, while leveraging FIDO2 tokens. Hardware credentials offer a high-security solution for Multi-Factor Authentication, as they fulfill the possession method, “what I have”. For local, certificate-based authentication, encryption, and other cryptographic operations, PKI remains “best practice”.

Companies are able to manage both from one central solution, vSEC:CMS Version 6.3.

In today’s video demo, we will walk through the issuance of a FIDO credential to the authentication to SalesForce. The video includes the following steps:

  • Issuing a certificate and registering a FIDO credential
  • Performing a PIN unblock
  • Demonstrating domain logon
  • Demonstrating FIDO authentication to Salesforce

Watch our Version 6.3 FIDO video demo here:

For further details on managing the life cycle of FIDO authenticators, access our support article and of course, find us on chat when you’re ready for your evaluation version at your organization! We look forward to hearing from you!

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