A Year In Review

Date: 2022-03-01
Author: Joakim Thorén, Founder and CEO

A Year In Review

Lots to celebrate for 2021! Our customer retention rate reached 92 percent, a reflection of our team working together on behalf of our users. Every area of our company works diligently to push to market only the highest quality software.

We released three strong new versions (6.06.1 and 6.2) of our flagship product credential management system, vSEC:CMS. Through innovation and efficiency, the product grew in performance, automation, speed, functionality, time savings, customization, and integration with diverse platforms and technologies. The high customer retention rate also reflects the quality of our consultations and support services. Our services provide dedicated support to the professionals on the other side of the screen, empowering companies, listening and offering the best solutions.

Through valuable partnerships, Versasec entered six new markets and welcomed 55 new clients. We have now done business in 56 countries! Our Channel sales developed well with a 74 percent increase throughout the year. We are increasingly empowering companies around the world to be prepared against malicious actors and attackers, leveraging a world-class Identity & Access Management system with vSEC:CMS.

Strong products are built by strong teams. This year our team welcomed new highly skilled individuals to the Versasec family. They reinforced our technical operations around the world, and our Research & Development team in Europe. To close the year, we enjoyed a fun and productive meeting. Replacing for the second year in a row our annual Kickoff meeting, we met virtually for The “V” Idea, short for The Versasec Idea. A time spent sharing creative ideas for three main categories: People & Company, Product & Productivity, and Sales & Marketing Initiatives. Read about our “V” idea winners here. I am grateful and proud for each team member at Versasec who exceeds expectations every day, delivering exceptional products and solutions.

Looking Ahead

We look forward to spending more time together this year as we celebrate Versasec’s 15th Anniversary on Sept 27, 2022. We foresee excellent product version releases as we integrate with new technology partners. From the executive level, we expect to work alongside more professionals in various industries as the awareness for stronger cybersecurity rises. Our team has proven their expertise in diverse regions, and our products have risen to meet one of the greatest needs in society, to rely on the highest level of cybersecurity available.


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