Case Study: Automotive Dealership

Date: 2023-08-30
Author: Versasec

Case Study Automotive Dealer

At Versasec, we’ve had a successful year serving the automotive market. In the first half of the year, we welcomed an electric car manufacturer as well as other companies in the automotive space. One of these is an automotive dealership based in North America. We share their story in our latest case study. Discover how this automotive dealership transformed its security landscape while enhancing user experience through advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions. Facing the demands of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Safeguards Rule, the dealership embarked on a journey to safeguard customer data and elevate compliance practices.

In the dynamic world of automotive sales, dealership employees regularly switch between workstations on the showroom floor. Their reliance on passwords for workstation access posed a risk to sensitive customer information. The problem heightened in the face of evolving FTC regulations. Amid mounting cybersecurity concerns and escalating identity theft cases, the dealership recognized the need for a comprehensive security overhaul.

Case Study Automotive Dealer

Embracing the MFA mandate, the IT Director spearheaded a quest for a robust solution. His criteria, to meet regulatory requirements and ensure a seamless user experience. However, managing physical credentials posed a challenge, leading the dealership to seek third-party card management solutions.

They found Versasec through a Google search and met the Versasec Team to discover all the key features. Versasec’s tailored solution aligned perfectly with their needs,. The solution focused solely on efficient card management without unnecessary complexities. A pivotal product demo illuminated how Versasec’s solution could streamline operations and enhance security, leading to a strategic decision.

Case Study Automotive Dealer

Standing strong against threats

In a mere 45 days, the dealership identified, implemented, and seamlessly integrated a comprehensive security solution. They secured their operations while seeing employees embrace the change. By aligning with Versasec’s innovative credential management, the dealership now stands fortified against evolving security threats. All while delivering a streamlined and secure user experience.

Case Study Automotive Dealer

Elevate your security posture with an inspiring journey of transformation and innovation. Read the full case study to explore how this North American automotive dealership effectively embraced multi-factor authentication and elevated its cybersecurity standards while enhancing user convenience.

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