Article posted: Oct 19, 2017

By Joakim Thorén, Versasec CEO

The entire Versasec team is pleased to announce we've been named by Dagens Industri, the most influential business publication in Sweden, as a 2017 "Gasell." The newspaper's Gasell (the Swedish word for gazelle) list highlights the fastest growing profitable companies in Sweden by region.

Just like the graceful and swift animals for which they are named, the annual Gasell companies are making an impact in their industries and on Sweden's business markets. The publication calls its nominees - who are selected by careful review of their business filings -- "the heroes" of Swedish business.

In naming Versasec to the impressive listing, the publication's editors added, "You create jobs for people. You are driving growth and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. That is why we are paying tribute to you."

In early December, we'll be donning our tuxedoes once again as we head to the Gazelle awards ceremony. The evening's program includes presentations on success visioning, the future, and great concepts with well-known entrepreneurs. The publication will name the overall 2017 National Winner to round out the festivities.

Wish us luck; we'd love to take home the top prize. But truly, it is an honor just being recognized as one of Sweden's top growing companies. It's a true testament to our dedicated and hard-working staff, our loyal and growing customer base, and our stellar global partners and resellers.

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