Empowering Security: The Synergy of Versasec and MTG Certificate Lifecycle Manager

Date: 2024-01-09
Author: Versasec


Credential management systems have become the glue of modern security infrastructure, allowing organizations and enterprises to control and manage access to sensitive information. Versasec credential management systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding digital identities, securing data, and mitigating risks associated with unauthorized access.

Integrating a leading credential management system with MTG Certificate Lifecycle Manager brings efficiency, automation, and time savings to certificate lifecycle management. Using Versasec “templates,” Versasec provides automation, streamlining the management of digital certificates from issuance to revocation. This efficiency improves operational workflows and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

MTG streamlines the entire lifecycle of certificates, centrally automating processes such as issuance, renewal, and revocation for diverse use cases, including IoT, servers, clients, and mobile devices. 

Other Key Benefits of the Integration

Enhanced Security Protocols: The integration bolsters the overall security framework by leveraging the advanced features of the credential management systems, vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD.

User-Friendly Experience: The integration prioritizes a seamless user experience without compromising security. Users can confidently navigate digital environments, knowing that a robust and trusted authentication system protects their identities.

Set up a connection to MTG Certificate Lifecycle Manager from vSEC:CMS or vSEC:CLOUD

Find step-by-step instructions with screenshots on our support pages on how to set up your MTG certificate authority connection, configure a template, and issue a credential.


To learn more about MTG, visit their website at https://www.mtg.de/en/certificate-lifecycle-manager/certificate-lifecycle-manager.


Our product suite provides all the software tools to administrate and manage credentials in a secure and convenient way.

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