Enrolling Fingerprints to FIDO2 Authenticators

Date: 2024-06-05
Author: Versasec

Users can now authenticate with just a fingerprint instead of passwords. FIDO2 device-bound passkey authenticators with built-in biometrics managed by vSEC:CMS enables end-users to authenticate securely and easily on various devices.

Watch the short video above to see how easy the fingerprint enrollment process can be with Versasec credential management.

The new flow for enrolling fingerprints to FIDO2 credentials with vSEC:CMS simplifies the enrollment process for all users. IT departments can manage it centrally with the user or distribute it through self-service. Let’s see how this works!

Versasec credential management integrates user fingerprint enrollment into the credential issuance and activation processes. The user enrolls their fingerprint(s) as a part of the authenticator issuance. In the same workflow a passkey is generated and placed for the user in the assigned IdP, PIN and PIN policy are set along with other personalizations to adhere to the organizations preferred configuration. All in one simple process.

Users no longer have to take several steps following complex guides to manage their fingerprint enrollment or have separate applications. The feature elevates user experience as much as company efficiency, productivity, and adoption.

Phishing Protection

FIDO2 protects against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. 


Users authenticate faster by tapping their finger on the device reader.

User Adoption

With fingerprint enrollment integrated seamlessly into the issuance process, the fingerprint enrollment process friction is eliminated and a higher adoption rate is achieved.

How Can I Set Up Fingerprint Enrollment with Versasec?

Follow our support article, follow https://support.versasec.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006701973-Manage-BIO-Supported-Smart-Card


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