Enterprise Credential Management for FIDO Authenticators

Date: 2023-09-19
Author: Versasec

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is gaining popularity in companies due to its user-friendly authentication. It’s even more powerful when you add PKI!

Versasec specializes in solutions for enterprise management of credentials. We serve all industries, including governments, healthcare, and manufacturing. With FIDO on the rise, we are expanding our products to include FIDO management features within our award-winning solutions for enterprises’ best-industry identity and access management.

What features can you expect for FIDO management for your organization or company?

Enterprise Credential Management for FIDO Authenticators

Here are the top features our users are enjoying when managing FIDO, or Hybrid (FIDO + PKI) authenticators with Versasec Credential Management:

  • Management of the credential lifecycle: for FIDO/PKI hybrid credentials or FIDO only. The lifecycle includes registering, issuing, initiating, revoking, and unregistering.
  • Repository, auditing, and reporting: current live state of the authenticator and historical data.
  • Operator and self-service: Operator features for “on behalf of user” management and user self-guided onboarding.
  • Roles: Lifecycle tasks allocated between a team of users.
  • Automation: a wide range of APIs and integrations that allow for the automation of lifecycle events, while also having capabilities for tasks to be performed in batch.
  • IdP integrations: include Gluu, Okta, Thales STA, Microsoft Entra ID with more on the way, and
  • Stock management: a place for inventory management of all authenticators.
  • FIDO Keyhandle and Resident Keys: Both keyhandle and resident keys are supported.

Versasec Supported FIDO Credentials

Versasec has the longest list of PKI and FIDO supported credentials that keeps growing with each release. Take a look if your preferred credential is on our list. If it isn’t yet supported, we can work with you and your requirements to get it on there. Find Versasec supported credentials on our page: https://versasec.com/products/supported-credentials/.


Our product suite provides all the software tools to administrate and manage credentials in a secure and convenient way.

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