Feature Series: Card Templates

Date: 2023-06-06
Author: Versasec

Card Templates

Introducing the Versasec 2023 Summer Series! This year, we’re excited to showcase our favorite Versasec credential management system features as described from the minds of our great team all over the globe.

Join the conversation on social media and share your thoughts! We’re eager to hear your feedback on these distinctive features and, of course, learn about your favorite. Let’s make this Summer Series even more memorable together!

So here we go. From a Versasec Technical Consultant based in Cairo, Egypt, Kamel Elias describes card templates:

“vSEC:CMS is highly customizable. It offers a range of features that can be configured to meet the specific needs of different organizations.

For me, card templates is the place where all the magic happens; they give power to administrators and allow them to go beyond what they usually do by enabling them to design custom workflows that control every process involved during the lifecycle management of a smart card, credential, or token. Workflows can include custom approval processes, PIN policies, self-service preferences, and other requirements that ensure compliance with security regulations.”

Card Templates screenshot

As we heard from Kamel, vSEC:CMS is a tool customized to fit different organizations’ two- and multi-factor authentication credential management needs. As a result, with card templates, businesses can apply their own in-house policies to the credential management process. 

Further, card templates can target specific PIN policies, certificate enrollment, RFID encoding, and other customizations that ensure the organization’s policies are met and the credential management process is easy and secure. With these templates, administrators, and organization leaders customize vSEC:CMS to work exactly the way they want and need it to.

Video demonstration of card templates

Here’s a video demo for creating a template for self-issuance: 

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