Article posted: Jul 17, 2018

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

We're committed to building strategic partnerships with the best security companies around the globe. Today, we announced today our new technology partnership with Identiv, a global provider of physical security and secure identification solutions.

The combined strength of Identiv's uTrust SmartID Secure Access Credentials for converged physical and logical access control with our vSEC:CMS for smart card management enhances our focus on the security needs of customers in the government, enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare, and transportation sectors that already depend on Identiv's and Versasec's access and identification solutions.

Identiv's uTrust SmartID Secure Access Credentials provide a single credential to access buildings and/or IT systems, providing trusted identity authentication, digital signatures, secure remote access, desktop login, and data encryption/decryption. For physical access control systems (PACS), uTrust SmartID can combine high-frequency (ISO/IEC 14443/13.56 MHz) and low-frequency (125 kHz) technologies, leveraging different industry protocols including proximity, PKI at the door, PIV, Card Authentication Key (CAK), PLAID, and more.

Our partnership with the Identiv's stellar global reputation in security solutions makes the company a perfect partner for us. As we continue working toward our goal of providing companies everywhere with the means for managing their security and identity management credentials through one system, vSEC:CMS, it's important that we join forces with technology companies that can offer complete security management solutions that meet a wide range of use cases.

vSEC:CMS, Versasec's smart card management system product suite, provides all the software tools to administer and manage smart cards in a secure and convenient way. By deploying vSEC:CMS, Identiv's customers can more easily manage uTrust SmartID Secure Access Credentials from issuance through termination, for both regular employees, mobile employees, and contract workers.

Companies can more efficiently and cost-effectively deploy enhanced security systems built around Identiv's uTrust SmartID Secure Credentials and Versasec's vSEC:CMS to visually identify employees, secure facilities and perimeter security, lock down IT networks, protect IP and data, and authenticate users, all while using a verified and trusted identity on one credential.

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