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2020-06-08: vSECCMS S5.8

2020-04-22: Corona USS Rollout

2020-04-14: CJ Supporting healthcare frontline in Malaysia

2020-03-31: vSECTOOL K3.0

2020-03-11: vSECCMS S57 Supports WHfB

2020-01-29: SAM To vSECCMS

2020-01-28: vSECCMS S5.7

2019-12-19: QnA with CJ Lau

2019-12-05: Athens 2019

2019-11-25: An Eye Toward 2020

2019-11-15: Cybersecurity Trends Survey

2019-09-30: Versasec vSECCMS on Amazon AWS

2019-09-25: Ditch PIV PUK

2019-09-16: vSECCMS It is all about Connections

2019-09-03: Hacked through Keyboard Sounds

2019-08-30: Biometrics hack puts 1 million in jeopardy

2019-08-14: The big reveal vSECCMS 5.6 is here

2019-08-12: Future of Identity and Access Management

2019-08-07: Go Remote but Keep Your Companys Data Safe

2019-07-24: APAC News

2019-06-27: Update on GDPR 1 Year In

2019-06-26: Do not wait to migrate from unsupported Microsoft FIM CM or MIM CM

2019-06-13: SIM Swapping Cryptocurrency Theft Case Exposes OTP Weaknesses

2019-05-23: Congratulations to Thales and Gemalto

2019-05-21: Best Procedures for Unblocking PIN Codes Using vSEC CMS

2019-05-14: 2FA Solution Unwrapped vSEC CMS 5 5 is now available

2019-05-02: Biometrics and 2FA

2019-04-25: Global Credential Management Solutions CMS Market to Triple by 2025

2019-04-09: Why You Need 2FA for Zero Trust Policies

2019-02-13: DoD gets serious about DFARS compliance

2019-02-07: Versasec Unveiling vSec CMS 5.4

2019-01-11: QnA With Dan Isaaman

2018-12-20: Starwood Hack Reinforces Need to Follow Basics of Zero Trust

2018-12-06: Top Five Cybersecurity Myths You Need to Stop Believing

2018-12-03: Despite Their Uniqueness Even Fingerprints Can be Hacked

2018-11-28: QnA with Sven Hammar

2018-11-15: Mobile Workforces Drive Demand for Virtual Smart Cards

2018-11-05: Six Months in GDPR Costs Exceeded Expectations

2018-10-24: Global Credential Management Solutions Market to Reach 1 8 Billion by 2025

2018-10-23: New Data Reveals Three Out of Four Employees Present Security Risk

2018-10-16: Versasec Unveiling vSec CMS 5.3

2018-09-24: Versasec Unanimously Selected for SMED

2018-09-19: Temporary Passwords Results in Serious Customer Data Breach for Westpac

2018-08-23: NIST Will Target SMBs Cybersecurity Education

2018-08-06: SMS Based 2FA the Culprit in Reddits Data Breach

2018-07-29: Google Keeps Phishing Hacks at Bay with Security Keys

2018-07-25: Microsoft FIM MIM Users Versasec is Making Migration to vSec CMS Easy

2018-07-24: Versasec University Video Tutorials on Tap for the Summer

2018-07-02: Australian Department of Defence Selects Versasec and Cogito for 2FA Needs

2018-05-23: While Security Concerns Abound in Asia Pacific Region its Still Not a Priority

2018-05-16: QnA With Olov Renberg Cofounder and CO of Behaviosec

2018-04-24: Carolina Martinez Joins Us As Director of US Operations

2018-04-09: Largest Swiss Insurance Company Mobiliar Chooses Versasec for Identity and Access Management Solutions

2018-03-06: GDPR Concerns Smart Card Deployment Among Top Security Trends Our Survey Shows

2018-01-26: Swedish Technology Companies Lead the World in Security

2018-01-09: Lessons Learned from 2017s High Profile Security Breaches

2017-12-12: Advanced Authentication Market to Reach 7 Billion USD by 2023

2017-10-30: Blockchain More Than Cryptocurrencies

2017-10-11: Versasec 10 Years

2017-08-23: The US Makes Cyber Command a Priority

2017-08-21: Criminal Data Breaches Will Cost Businesses 8 Trillion Over Next Five Years

2017-07-17: Cogitos Managing Director Richard Brown Discusses the Benefits of Protecting Corporate Data

2017-06-28: Weak Passwords Take Down British Parliament

2017-06-21: Dont Throw Away Your Passports Just Yet

2017-01-31: New US Presidential Administration Can Avoid Podesta Effect

2017-01-23: Authentication and Identity Management on the Rise in 2017

2016-12-21: Versasec Ends 2016 On a High Note

2016-12-13: 2017 Versasec Security Trends Survey

2016-06-22: Versasec Receives Security Industry Recognition

2016-04-08: 2 Trillion Thats How Much Cybercrime Will Cost Globally in 2019

2016-03-30: IT Security Survey Shows Smes Want Affordable Solutions

2016-03-28: Analyst Interview of Versasec CEO Puts Spotlight on IAM

2016-01-08: Authentication Can Stop Hackers or 2015 Hacks in Review

2015-10-23: What Exactly is the Corporate Boards Role in Securing the Enterprise

2015-10-14: Board of Directors Are More Concerned About Security Than Ever Before