Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Date: 2022-03-08
Author: Joakim Thorén, Founder and CEO

Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Here at Versasec, we value and empower women. The women of Versasec are multi-talented and hold many different roles: they are decision makers, shareholders, leaders, executive staff, and innovators. Women are represented in every team at Versasec: they build and supervise global teams, recruit and hire excellent staff, execute business planning, product management, and facilitate effective procedures to increase productivity, coordinate marketing, public relations efforts, and lead in business partnerships. Our team greatly benefits from the extensive experience the women of Versasec bring: from helping a company go public, introducing technologies to new markets, supply chain management, corporate merging, to appearing on national TV and radio. At Versasec, the sky’s the limit! We have grown as a company with an even playing field for everyone, no matter the geographical location, language, background, or gender of our personnel.

We value our workforce, encourage team collaboration, cultivate a culture of appreciation, feedback and open questions. Being a global company, we face the challenge of being spread out geographically. Since the pandemic, many people can recognize what it means to be kilometers (or miles) apart. From inception, we’ve implemented the best tools to keep everyone on the same heartbeat. We lead biweekly staff meetings, weekly virtual informal coffee breaks, annual ideation sessions, and daily communication on chat.

For fun, we took a quick survey and found out in numbers exactly how great the women we work with really are, not that we had any doubts. Women at Versasec speak 13 languages, and have visited 86 different countries. They are passionate about life. When not at work, they are spending quality time with their family and friends, volunteering, gardening, Nordic walking, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, kickboxing, street dancing, water skiing, wakeboarding, wave surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, horseback riding, balloon riding, and even getting a little carried away at karaoke.

I’m proud of the team we’ve built. They are individuals who can make decisions, are curious, eager to learn, and deliver well. Our company has achieved great things together and I’m very proud of each and every person. A special mention goes to Anna Söderholm, investment manager at our largest external shareholder, ALMI Invest. We value her strong leadership, influence and relationship with our organization.

Thank you women around the world for breaking stereotypes, aiming higher, and pursuing your dreams. You are positively impacting our society every day! Happy International Women’s Day!

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