Article posted: Aug 17, 2017

By Nick Budden, Partner and Security Expert at Versasec

Verasec has an impressive network of certified partners around the world, and one of the ways we ensure they have a great experience in working with us and with their customers who buy Versasec solutions is with our issuer tool.

In essence, the issuer tool makes it possible for our partners to issue vSEC:CMS system owner and operator cards to the relevant customers - including on-site employees, mobile workers, contractors and others. The issuer tool helps with the installation of smart card security systems, from initial start-up and permissions to ongoing additions and deletions of users. In the Versasec issuer tool, there is a Customer Directory tab that shows the current customers and users in the Issuer Tool database.

All of this makes issuing new licenses in the form of System Owner Cards, or extensions to current licenses using a challenge-response procedure securely, simply, and in a very user-friendly way.

For our certified partners, most typically distributors, that resell our vSEC:CMS identity and access management solutions, the prerequisites to using the issuer tool include the following:

  • having the latest version of the tool
  • having an issuer card
  • having one completely clean smart card that will then be used to create each system owner card, S-Series operator card, as well as additional issuer cards.

The administrator launches the issuer tool with a issuer card attached and enters the issuer card PIN when directed by the tool. At that point, the Versasec Issuer Tool will open on the Customer Directory tab.

Here is a quick example illustrating how simple it is to use the issuer tool - in this case for creating a customer card: Creating a Customer in the Customer Directory Click "Add new customer." A new window will appear; within this window, enter the appropriate name and contact details for this customer and then click "Save." This new customer will appear within the Customer Directory. It's also easy to create and issue an S-Series system owner card, create additional issuer cards and blank full-featured operator cards, and upgrade customer licenses within the issuer tool.

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