License Activation For Air-Gapped Credential Management

Date: 2023-12-12
Author: Versasec

License Activation For Air-Gapped Credential Management

Versasec has served isolated facilities and critical infrastructures since its inception. We are familiar with fulfilling the highest security requirements in the most challenging networks worldwide: air-gapped. Now, we are adding license activation for air-gapped credential management!

Typically devoid of internet connectivity, air-gapped networks are used in environments with paramount security, such as military installations, critical infrastructure, financial institutions, and secure government systems. Therefore, access to these networks is tightly controlled, and additional security measures, including multi-factor authentication, encryption, and strict access controls, are implemented to safeguard against unauthorized access and cyber threats. 

Versasec, committed to addressing the unique security requirements of diverse environments, offers a highly adaptable credential management system. Particularly, tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations, including those in air-gapped networks. Our product provides flexibility and reliability. With the recent release of version 6.9, we’ve introduced the “Air-gapped activation process” feature, further showcasing our commitment to innovation and meeting our customers’ evolving security needs. In summary, Versasec’s versatile solution makes it a trusted choice for organizations seeking adaptable and secure credential management across various operational landscapes.

The air-gapped license activation process

In essence, the Versasec air-gapped license activation flow allows air-gapped systems to go from evaluation to production by performing the license activation in a no-need-to-transfer-files mode. Additionally, it removes a hurdle to give those requiring air-gapped deployments the same simple and efficient initial deployment process as for our other deployment methods.

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