Article posted: Sep 21, 2015

Versasec's CEO Joakim Thorén blogs about the company's official new name.

Anyone who's worked in marketing understands the complexities of corporate branding. Last winter, the executive team at our company embarked on our own rebranding process by launching the new Versasec logo.

Now, we've reached another important milestone, completing the renaming of all the legal entities in the Versasec Group to Versasec. You may stumble across a reference here and there to our old brand, Versatile Security or, but our goal is that we'll quickly have all those references updated to Versasec and

The name Versasec is easier to say and easy to understand: it's simply a shortened version of Versatile Security.

Interestingly, when we launched the business in 2007, Versasec was the name we were given by the Swedish Company Registration Office when we requested the name "Versatile Security". At the time, the authorities said they felt Versatile Security was not unique enough as a company name. It was a fair point and in retrospect it would have been wise to heed their advice. But we were starting a company and had our own ideas. So, we were persistent and kept requesting to be called Versatile Security. We finally reached agreement and settled on Versatile Security Sweden AB.

The conundrum was that the process of naming the company was time consuming, and by the time we finally got the name we wanted, many of our "friends" had already become accustomed to calling us Versasec.

Most businesses want a unique name and brand. As we've since learned, there are plenty of businesses with the very positive word "versatile"" in their names. Versasec, on the other hand, is unique, short and looks really nice in a logo. And now it's official: Versasec it is!

So, please make sure to update your global address books:

  • Versatile Security Sweden AB --> Versasec AB
  • Versatile Security Ltd --> Versasec LTD
  • Versasec LLC - no update needed!
  • -->

More information about the name change can be found in this Versasec Press Release here.

Stay tuned to our blog - great new articles are coming soon from Versasec!

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