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Our blog addresses the latest security trends and stories. The posts discuss how identity and access management are playing a larger role in keeping corporate data safe as well as brand reputations intact.

New US Presidential Administration Can Avoid 'Podesta Effect'

New US Presidential Administration Can Avoid ‘Podesta Effect’

There's nothing like a regime change to expose where government could beef up its cybersecurity efforts. Nowhere is that truer than in the US today, where the Donald Trump presidency is vowing for much stronger…

2017 Versasec Security Trends Survey

2017 Versasec Security Trends Survey

Our late fall 2016 global survey of IT and cybersecurity professionals has turned up some interesting trends for 2017, not the least of which is that more and more companies are and will be using multi-factor…

Board of Directors Are More Concerned about Security Than Ever Before

Board of Directors Are More Concerned About Security Than Ever Before

Since the ouster of Target's chairman, president and CEO in May 2014, board of directors are realizing that their own job security is closely linked to the overall security health of their companies. Corporate security…


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