Article posted: Aug 17, 2016

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

If you’ve been enjoying the Olympics, you may have heard about the tight security in place in Rio for the games. And while physical security is everyone’s primary concern, it’s also important to remember that online security deserves consideration, too, as hackers in crowded areas have greater opportunities to launch attacks.

Our partner Gemalto offered up some excellent advice about online security in this Information Age article written by Ben Rossi.

In the article, Rossi interviewed Jason Hart, Gemalto’s CTO, data protection. Some of the main topics he discussed included avoiding public Wi-Fi and actually disabling free WI-FI networks to avoid using these services to transmit personal data. Other precautions include activating two-factor ID to provide another layer of security, limiting hackers that are adept at stealing passwords.

In Rio, in addition to Olympic spectators, some of the largest multinational organizations are on hand, sponsoring and supporting the games. With the Rio Olympics touted as the most connected Olympics to date, it’s important that Olympic fans and sponsor organizations take every precaution to protect themselves and their data.

To learn more about why deploying and managing two-factor authentication provides an added layer of security for your organization, check out our vSEC:CMS product page.

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