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Migrating from SAM to vSEC:CMS is Easy

Date: 2020-01-29
Author: Carolina Martinez, GM Americas

Migrating from SAM to vSEC:CMS is Easy

As Versasec partner Thales ends support for its popular SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM), we interviewed Versasec VP of Sales William Houry on how SAM customers can easily migrate to the latest version of vSEC:CMS, Versasec’s award-winning and leading credential management solution.

What are customers saying about Thales ending support for SAM?Customers of Thales SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) are most concerned about having to migrate to another system which can be a very long and painful task. They would like to keep their existing data without performing manual migration steps to another platform. That’s where Versasec’s vSEC:CMS S-Series comes in: The migration is easy to complete, and users will have all the benefits that SAM has to offer by switching to vSEC:CMS. All their data will be automatically migrated to vSEC:CMS database without manual intervention.Versasec works with a number of resellers around the globe. What are some of their concerns with SAM migration?Our partners want to understand that vSEC:CMS will provide the same support that Thales provided in the past. We’ve assured them that SAM customers will receive all the benefits of SAM plus all the additional credential management capabilities that vSEC:CMS provides.

What are some additional features vSEC:CMS provides for migrating SAM users?

In addition to making it easy for customers to migrate from SAM, vSEC:CMS offers flexibility. It can manage more than just tokens. In fact, vSEC:CMS manages the most smart cards and devices in the industry and can manage connections to printers with RFID Keys encoding, physical access systems, many PKIs, HSMSs and any other products. For more details, click here.

What are some of the benefits of migrating from SAM to vSEC:CMS?

vSEC:CMS provides all the management of smart cards in a credit card format that you can use as corporate badge, including managing access to graphical printing and configuring customers’ connection to the physical access system with encoding of RFID keys.

vSEC:CMS streamlines all aspects of device management by easily connecting to enterprise directories, many certificate authorities (CAs), external databases, and the largest number of card printers and hardware security modules on the market.

In addition, Versasec has continually updated vSEC:CMS. We offer a cloud version and the latest authentication and management features. We also continuously upgrade and improve vSEC:CMS with quarterly releases.

Are there any offers to migrate to vSEC:CMS?

Thales is offering a rebate for customers that are looking to migrate to vSEC:CMS. SAM customers should contact Gemalto/Thales or their regional reseller to receive a quote.

How can customers download a copy of vSEC:CMS to evaluate it and where can they find instructions on migrating from SAM to vSEC:CMS?

In one of our recent releases, vSEC:CMS 5.6, the vSEC:CMS migration wizard was extended to support credential migration from SAM, and we’re working exclusively with Thales to ensure the migration from SAM to vSEC:CMS goes smoothly. For more info visit our website here: https://versasec.com/products/vsec-cms/upgrade-from-thales-sam/


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