See Yourself In Cyber: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Date: 2022-10-06
Author: Gabriela Peralta, Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

See Yourself In Cyber: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is cybersecurity awareness month and this year’s theme is “See Yourself In Cyber.” From Amazon to the US Navy, hundreds of authors are already filling the world wide web to educate our families, children, and friends, about the importance of cybersecurity. From phishing to scams, to best cyber practices, articles are covering all possible grounds. I had the chance to talk with a group of women of Versasec during the “Women in Cybersecurity” day and I’d like to share how they see the world around them since working in the cybersecurity field.

“While ransomware and phishing attacks might cause the majority of (external) cybersecurity threats, from an HR perspective, businesses must continue to monitor internal resources,” shares Yvonne Moebius from our HR department at Versasec.

Yvonne pays attention to the news headlines where the trusted becomes the threat. Here at Versasec, we enable companies to adopt a zero trust strategy, a framework that does not assume trust, but continuously asks for verification. Zero trust establishes the least privilege principle, where users and systems only have access to resources absolutely necessary to exercise their functions.

A big part of awareness is understanding why security is so important.

“Cyber attacks will only continue to grow every year because information remains one of the most valuable product in today’s world. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to steal data from individuals and enterprises” states business development analyst, Tanya Suhorukova.

Tanya is constantly aware of our vision and direction behind our products and partnerships. She reminds us of why investing in cybersecurity, educating employees, and implementing secure systems matter.

How do we see ourselves in cyber?

This month, I celebrated my 8-month anniversary with Versasec, and I think I have tasted a glimpse of what Tanya is referring to. I’m keenly more aware now of the cyber attacks that have always been all around me. When friends and family receive questionable texts, phone calls, and emails, they reach out to me now. Some sound like horror stories of what could have happened if they had clicked on a link. In the past 8-months, I’ve shared the reality of our cyber world, but also the many tools at our disposal to keep alert, be vigilant, and remain smart.

So, how do we see ourselves in cyber? This October, we join cybersecurity awareness month, proud to keep sharing, keep preaching, and keep protecting organizations, our families and friends in the cyber-world.

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