Self-Service Capabilities for Management of Identities

Date: 2023-05-10
Author: John Asan, Worldwide Technical Leader

Self-Service Capabilities for Management of Identities

Self-service capabilities lift the workload from the helpdesk, IT, or whoever is tasked with credential lifecycle tasks, and delegates it, increasing efficiency. Yet, it retains the policies and workflows established by centralized management.

An example of self-service is self-issuance by users and employees. Versasec’s credential management systems, vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD, brings enterprises around the world the opportunity to benefit from self-service capabilities, regardless of their type of environment.

With Versasec User Application, employees can manage their own PINs, and even self-issue. Organizations can ship the physical credential, pre-issued and blocked, to its remote users, and the Versasec self-issuance process guarantees only the appropriate person will be able to activate the credential and use it. Even a simpler process with virtual credentials, as there is no hardware to be shipped and the issuance can be initiated and completed executed remotely without interaction from operators. 

In the same way, different locations where the company may have offices or factories can manage their teams’ credentials without depending on the main office to do so. Managing credentials faster and more efficiently than before. These use cases bring many benefits to organizations: convenience, speed, and flexibility, without sacrificing security.

Centralized Management of Identities

In our nervous system, the brain functions as a centralized control center. With Versasec, all credential management activities can be centralized. Versasec’s flagship product enables companies to manage credentials to inherit user access and privileges. Additionally, to personalize authentication tokens, issue, block, and revoke credentials and certificates, and enroll FIDO credential tokens. Finally, assign multiple use cases to a single credential. Therefore, expanding PKI-based credentials use cases to enable cryptographic operations.

In today’s digital landscape, enterprises face the challenge of managing a multitude of diverse identities. Various systems and applications lead to complexity, inefficiency, and security risks. Versasec’s credential management system offers a solution by centralizing enterprise authorization and access under one system. And finally, distributing the workload of issuance with self-services.

Some of the benefits enterprises gain with centralized management of credentials, include:

  • enable automation and restrictions to follow regulations and company policies; reports can be used for auditing.
  • efficient use of time and resources by focusing on one system instead of many.
  • ability to add automation of workflows.
  • user-focused identity experience for employees.

Example of Credential Management

A large institution was struggling to manage the authentication and access of its employees across multiple systems and applications. The process was time-consuming, complex, and posed significant security risks.

After implementing the Versasec credential management system, the institution was able to centralize its credential management process. It gained greater control and oversight over all hardware security key-related activities. This allowed the institution to enforce security policies and standards more effectively, reducing security risks significantly. In addition, the institution was able to save time and resources by focusing on one unified system instead of many. Further, it improved employee productivity by providing a user-focused identity experience.

With Versasec credential management, the institution was also able to expand its PKI-based credentials use cases, enabling strong cryptographic operations. For example, domain logon, encryption, digital signing, and VPN MFA authentication. The institution was able to assign these multiple use cases to one credential, add physical access control together with digital access to a smart card. Thus, further streamlining the identity management process.

If you would like to start managing your multiple enterprise identities with Versasec, schedule a complimentary consultation with our credential management experts. We can help you get started.


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