Article posted: Jul 10, 2018

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

We're delighted to announce Sven Hammar has joined our Board of Directors. He was named to the post at our company's annual general meeting last month. On a personal level, I couldn't be more pleased. Sven has been a friend and mentor to me for many years. For Versasec, landing someone who is a noted industry luminary is a major coup.

Sven has extensive experience in working with start-ups and established companies as well as strong negotiating experience with both enterprise customers and financial institutions. His career highlights include presenting and receiving significant venture capital funding, rapid team building, establishing distribution and partnership agreements with leading industry players, leading mergers and acquisitions, and working with major restructuring and cost-saving programs. He's held top leadership positions in international companies and spent four years in Silicon Valley.

Sven founded Apica Systems, an applications performance company, in 2005 and serves as its CEO. Prior to Apica, he worked for Gemplus (now called Gemalto) and Celo Communications.

Sven holds a master's degree in science in industrial economics from Sweden's Linköping University. His marketing and technical experience includes software testing, development, connectivity, test tools, e-commerce, hardware, networking, operating systems, and telecommunications technologies in areas including marketing strategies, business development, enterprise and Internet business security using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions, UNIX security, client/server background and more.

Check out the complete press release about the announcement here.

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