Article posted: Aug 17, 2017

By Nick Budden, Versasec Technical Consultant

Verasec has an impressive network of certified partners around the world, and one of the ways we ensure they have a great experience in working with us and with their customers who buy Versasec solutions is with our issuer tool.

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Article posted: Jul 10, 2017

By William Houry, Vice President of Sales

No matter the industry or its level of security, at least some employees at every enterprise today require access to their corporate networks via mobile devices. Most rely on physical smart cards for user authentication and access, yet there's another low-cost and even simpler solution: Just-in-Time (JIT) virtual smart cards (VSCs) (find more information about smart cards here:

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Article posted: Aug 19, 2016

By John Moran, Director, Minerva Security - VERSASEC GUEST BLOGGER

A lot has been said and written about cloud-based physical security systems, and it raises some questions. For instance, how safe are they? What are the benefits associated with the cloud-based systems? What are some of the challenges? How can physical security systems be integrated to the cloud?

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Article posted: Dec 18, 2015

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

The 10th annual Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas focused heavily on the urgency in deploying identity and access management solutions. ZDNet's report on the Summit noted that Gartner called for innovation in the next identity and access management technology revolution, but the story glossed over one of the key issues: widespread deployment of two-factor authentication and IAM.

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Article posted: Sep 01, 2015

Versasec’s CEO Joakim Thorén recently was asked to identify some of the security risks that NFC technology presents for security professionals in Security Technology Executive. The article touches upon the frightening scenarios that NFC affords hackers, demonstrating that common everyday occurrences such as riding the elevator are potential security threats to an organization.

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