Article posted: Dec 20, 2018

By Anders Adolfsson, Technical Consultant

As many as 500 million guests of the Starwood Hotel chain may already be or soon will be cursing their choice of hotels. That's because they've received news in recent weeks their private information may have been hacked through Starwood's guest reservation database.

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Article posted: Dec 03, 2018

By Martin Scholz, R&D Manager

Each of us has fingerprints that are unique, so it makes sense that we'd like to use them to secure our devices and identify us in other ways. The problem is, we're not even close to having fingerprint verification systems that can prove with high certainty exactly whose fingerprint is being verified. Even 1 error in 100 billion fingerprint verifications could be too many. Today many practical applications have a fingerprint verification error rate closer to 1 in 10 000. And with smart attacks, the false matches can be much more frequent than that.

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Article posted: Oct 16, 2018

By Joakim Thorén, CEO

It's official: Version 5.3 of vSEC:CMS, a powerful new iteration of our industry-leading identity and access management solution, is now available. This version includes support for additional popular Gemalto eTokens and smart cards, and offers a slew of additional important features, including the ability to speed new user validations and enable license and Operator Store issuance.

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