Tap-PIN-Go: Shared Workstation CBA

Date: 2023-07-18
Author: Versasec

What do these employees have in common: call center representatives, healthcare, financial services, educators, automotive dealerships, and manufacturing?

They rely on shared workstations as a crucial aspect of their work environment. For example, call center representatives and healthcare professionals use shared workstations to access necessary tools, applications, and information relevant to their respective roles.

Therefore, Thales and Versasec have collaborated to offer a solution. We like to call this Tap-PIN-Go: Shared Workstation CBA. Tap, where employees who already use a physical access badge tap their badge into the workstation reader. Versasec credential management service uses the information from the reader to identify the user and calls the Thales SafeNet IDPrime Virtual (IDPV) credential. After, a PIN to authenticate and Go!

Tap-PIN-Go was created to solve challenges associated with weak authentication in shared workstation environments. Many organizations, in an effort to not burden the user, compromise security for convenience. On the other hand, when virtual smart cards are deployed in a shared workstation, it can be a tedious task to find the user’s credentials.

As a result, Tap-PIN-Go improves security by implementing phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) with certificate-based authentication. It safeguards against hacking and account takeovers. Additionally, it ensures user convenience by utilizing the physical access badge to identify the correct Thales SafeNet IDPrime Virtual (IDPV).

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