Unlikely Career Move or a Well-Planned Transition?

Date: 2021-11-24
Author: Yvonne Moebius, HR

Unlikely Career Move or a Well-Planned Transition?

One might ask “How did Paul Rajkumar transition from educational publishing to cybersecurity?” The short answer is “Because he knows what he wants, and he goes for it!”

Paul worked in edutech for 15 years focusing on educational research, solutions, business development and sales. It was his deep understanding of his customers and determination to provide them with the best solution for their needs that showed us he could fit in at Versasec.

Paul received his undergraduate degree in electronics from the University of Madras in India, then secured his master’s in microelectronics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. It was perfect timing that brought him to Versasec, he was eager for a change and looking for jobs that would allow him to combine his interest in system integration, authentication, and secure cloud solutions.

“When I saw Versasec’s post for a business development engineer, I knew it was a ready-made match, even if it did not seem so on paper.” In Paul’s analytical fashion, he was not content to rely on his resume to sell himself to Versasec. He created a 21-slide presentation explaining how he would look at the market and set up business development for the entire APAC region. After careful and detailed research, he presented to our sales and technical teams his thoughts on opportunities for our product, vSEC:CMS, in APAC.

“When you are approaching a market for new business development, it’s important to have a holistic view,” Paul says. “Different customers have different requirements, so addressing them correctly can’t be done with marketing alone. We must get in front of the customer and explain how, and why Versasec is different and how we can provide the innovation they might need.”

Paul is passionate about what he does and always trying to look at technology in different ways. He’s also highly family oriented and spends his weekends visiting some of his many relatives throughout Malaysia. “If we visit one relative every weekend, in three months’ time we still will not have visited them all!” he says.

At Versasec, Paul feels at home. The transition was made easier because the team already feels like family, he says, and that’s something he relates to very well.

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