Version 6.5: Upgrade Users to Operator Roles In 2-Steps

Date: 2022-11-16
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

Operator Roles in Versasec Credential Management are privileged accounts having access to powerful management operations. To protect these high-access and high-risk accounts, our software implements a crypto-key pair authentication process for these users. The enforcing of hardware credentials for all operations and admin tasks ensures a complete cryptographic proof audit trail and access and permission architecture.

In Version 6.5, a regular user in Versasec Credential Management can be quickly upgraded to an Operator Role, skipping the manual revocation, retiring, and reissuing process. The process is streamlined with seemingly two steps.

Step 1. An existing Operator with sufficient permissions initiates a migration for the credential of the User who is migrating to Operator. Migration involves changing from the current credential User template to a credential Operator template. See this guide for the migration process:

Step 2. The User in the User Application navigates to the Upgrade screen, and then a message saying “Update Card Template to,” then can click “Update.”

With Version 6.5 of Versasec Credential Management, the opposite has also been facilitated. Operator Roles can be changed to User roles using the same steps.

This is a useful feature in situations where a remote office loses its current Operator and a new Operator is needed. Where we have seen this use case be particularly helpful has been when customers migrate from other credential management systems (CMS). Other CMS’s are typically only protected by user directory group memberships or attributes. Once a credential has been migrated into Versasec’s software, for example, from Microsoft FIM/MIM, an administrator selects a User and can automatically initiate the change of role to Operator.

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