Versasec Credential Orchestration

Date: 2022-09-22
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

Versasec Credential Orchestration

Have you implemented great IAM solutions – PKI, hardware credentials, signed up with an IdP – but they all work in silos? Versasec offers a no-code, vendor-independent credential orchestration platform for organizations of all sizes. vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD out-of-the-box integrates all systems involved in the credential life cycle.

With Versasec credential orchestration, organizations can easily manage credential lifecycles and customize everyday workflow journeys for a variety of use cases. Thus empowering organizations across all industries to eliminate disconnected and isolated systems, creating a frictionless experience for users and operators.

Processes and user requirements are constantly changing, responding to the ever-evolving security ecosystems. Versasec integrations are constantly growing guaranteeing the availability of security solutions from leaders in the industry. Versasec established integrations empower organizations to avoid vendor lock-ins. Systems are no longer forced to operate in silos, nor developers to create costly custom coding to integrate solutions.

Versasec offers award-winning credential management software, vSEC:CMS, on-prem or as a managed service in vSEC:CLOUD. It provides our customers with Management, Automation and Orchestration capabilities across many IAM Technology providers, CA providers, Card Printers and many Token and Smart Card Providers. See below our Versasec IAM Hub Diagram.

What is Orchestration?

The Oxford dictionary defines orchestration as “the planning or coordination of the elements of a situation to produce a desired effect.” The word is commonly used in the coordination of musical arrangements for performance. In IT, we use this word for the coordination, automated configuration and management of multiple systems, applications, and services. The platform makes decisions based on outputs from automated tasks, and consequently branches out into different steps and actions, executing them at the same time. Finally, it adapts easily to changing circumstances and conditions.

Benefits of Orchestration

After a process has been successfully orchestrated, the organization can free up resources, and time, previously allocated to manual tasks or through various software, to focus on other tasks. The process of orchestration also guarantees the decision-making and workflows are consistent, efficient, secure, and compliant with company policies and managerial preferences.

Choosing Versasec Products

Versasec products can be used to orchestrate processes with no amount of code. The workflows and integrations provided by our platform begin with a user-friendly interface that allows any organization to configure and automate based on their preferences and compliance regulations. Versasec provides documentation in our support portal for step-by-step guidance. Our video demos expand on product features and help organizations know what is possible with our powerful software. Our support team, whether organizations choose professional or premium, they are always there to offer best practices, answer questions and solve technical issues.

Our Versasec IAM Hub Diagram displays an overview of all the integrations available to your organization with Versasec products. You may choose one set of providers today, and wish to change tomorrow. We grow with you, offering a scalable and versatile credential management orchestration platform.

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