Article posted: Apr 04, 2017

By Joakim Thoren, CEO

Access to a diverse workforce spread across many geographies is one of the most appealing aspects of working at Versasec. That's what many of our employees told an external, independent consultant we recently brought in to study our company, the job satisfaction of our existing team, our processes, and to help us gauge ways to better promote our global employment opportunities.

It wasn't surprising, but it was certainly welcome and validating news that our employees feel Versasec has a great corporate culture. They say they feel respected and listened to. They have a very clear understanding of their roles, and feel appreciated as valued members of the company. And they should. All these elements have been important goals since the company was founded.

But even when we believe we've got a handle on employee satisfaction, it can be difficult to maintain, particularly when the company is in growth mode. Versasec has been expanding rapidly as more and more small and medium-sized companies, government agencies and enterprises around the world are realizing the importance of securing their data with multi-factor authentication smart cards and the need for managing those cards throughout their lifecycle. Versasec's vision is to be the leading provider of smart card management systems for businesses of all sizes and we are well on our way.

One of our goals with the independent human resources study was to understand what's working well so we can promote that as we expand our hiring for tech positions in Europe and elsewhere this year.

Because the company has offices in a variety of locations, it's often a challenge to build a cohesive and efficient team that take the cultural aspects of their locations into account. We work hard to ensure all employees have autonomy while also ensuring their inclusion in the Versasec culture.

One of the ways we meet our goals is with regular travel between locations and an annual team meeting that brings together all team members and promotes team spirit. We conduct frequent meetings in our various locations to ensure key priorities and focus is maintained. We also focus heavily on employee recognition for a job well done. As a tech company, we also make sure our systems and tools are up-to-date and that our employees are well trained on them.

Also important is selecting the right team members that help all of us succeed, collectively. When someone asks me about the Versasec magic, my answer is always the same: "The Team. I hand-picked superstars that I had worked with all over the world - and this is Versasec."

In the coming months, Versasec will be expanding that great team. To that end, we're working with the recommendations from our HR consultant to ensure our new hires fit in, have great work/life balance, and can contribute at their highest levels to our mutual success. If you feel you've got what it takes to work at Versasec, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us by clicking here.

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