Versasec Expands macOS User App Functionality with Version 6.5

Date: 2022-11-23
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Global Product Manager

In the video demo above, we performed a user certificate re-issuance using the Versasec macOS user application. Finally, demonstrated a PIN change or unblock.

Versasec continues to expand the capabilities of the Versasec macOS User app, adding self-reissue certificate capabilities to the latest version 6.5.

Versasec Expands macOS User Application Functionality with Version 6.5

Administrators can set up automatic emails or SMS notifications for users, giving them enough time to perform their own certificate reissuance with the Versasec User applications (available for Windows and Mac).

Versasec Expands macOS User Application Functionality with Version 6.5

The Versasec macOS User application provides useful features. Users can view their certificates, check expiration dates, and other certificate information. They can perform PIN changes, and PIN unblocks, including a challenge-response unblock flow for PIV credentials.
Versasec’s unique method of PIN unblock has proven a practical and efficient functionality for organizations with a remote or hybrid workforce. With this functionality, organizations can centrally issue and ship credentials in a blocked state (without a PIN) to users. Once received, the user can securely perform the unblock procedure using the Versasec macOS User application, successfully setting a PIN.

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Versasec Expands macOS User Application Functionality with Version 6.5


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