Virtual Smart Cards - Feature Series

Date: 2023-08-07
Author: Versasec

We are continuing the Versasec 2023 Summer Series with virtual smart cards! This year, we’re bringing your favorite Versasec credential management system features as described from the minds of our fantastic team all over the globe.

Virtual Smart Cards

This week’s favorite feature comes from Ahmed Roshdi, Business Development Manager in Business Development, based in Cairo, Egypt.

Versasec has been a leader in supporting multiple versatile leading smart cards supporting many MFA use cases (i.e., encryption, user loggings, physical access). One of the unique features that I find very competitive and economical is the support for Virtual Smart Cards, which simply reduces the capital expense cost of certificate-based MFA without using Physical smart cards. Finally, Versasec can enhance the user BYOD Experience by offering this feature (2FA).

In today’s dynamic and challenging IT environments, the requirement for (MFA) has increasingly increased. Users can no longer remember many authentication logins for multiple on-premises, Saas Applications, or system logins. Smartcards and smart token solutions based on certificates are there to help and ease this process.

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