Taking You Higher With vSEC:CMS 6.4 Release

Date: 2022-07-07
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

Taking You Higher With vSEC:CMS 6.4 Release

We are taking our customers high in the cloud with Version 6.4! The new version of vSEC:CMS connects our customers to cloud-based Microsoft Azure Active Directory for the issuing of credentials. Along with other expected features, a whole category has been added to Versasec supported credential list: Physical Access Credentials. From a market perspective, Versasec has now entered a new market, serving organizations in need of credentials with a physical access stand-alone capability, without a certificate or any other technology.

Versasec’s CEO’s Joakim Thorén announced:  “Version 6.4 is an important next step for vSEC:CMS. It provides our customers with even more versatile security for both physical and digital access. I am also super happy about the integration with Microsoft’s Azure core offer – Azure AD.”

Microsoft Azure AD
Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a cloud, user ID management system. With the way IT organizations work today in hybrid and cloud infrastructures, there is a need for accessing the information of users stored in Azure AD. Either organizations have already migrated all their user information, some of it, or are using Azure AD for groups of users not present in their traditional user directories. vSEC:CMS customers now have a wider variety of industry-known user directories to choose from when integrating. Other user directories vSEC:CMS integrates with: MS Active Directory, IBM-LDAP, OpenLDAP, and LDAP v2/v3.

Physical Access Credentials
vSEC:CMS has been leading the market in managing PKI-based credentials for over 10 years. Starting with version 6.4, vSEC:CMS now also welcomes and supports credentials that are solely for Physical Access control. vSEC:CMS already supported credentials for physical access but only those that were hybrid. The new supported credentials can be managed in the same way as PKI-based credentials, with workflows and templates, in the familiar and user-centered vSEC:CMS. Benefitting from a low acquisition cost, organizations can benefit using these credentials for physical access control on buildings, offices and properties. 

Continue reading about all the new features and enhancements in version 6.4, on our press release

Why choose Versasec?
Versasec’s award-winning software, vSEC:CMS, empowers organizations around the world to adopt a cyber security strategy based on their needs to include multi-factor authentication, certificate-based authentication, and reach Zero Trust Architecture. Versasec’s customers remain on top of the latest cybersecurity technologies and best practices for identity management. Our product suite stays ahead of the market and of cyber criminals in an ever-evolving cyber world!

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