vSEC:CMS: It is all about Connections!

Date:  2019-09-16
Author: Nick Budden, Solution Architect

vSEC:CMS: It is all about Connections!

Our customers have enough to worry about: their jobs revolve around keeping hackers and inside threats at bay by utilizing smart cards, tokens and other security devices. They work with us because we understand – and address — their pain points by making it simple and quick for them to manage all those security devices.

That’s why it’s been our goal all along that our flagship product, vSEC:CMS, connects to and integrates with the most smart cards, virtual smart cards, tokens and other security devices on the market. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so they don’t have to.

In fact, because vSEC:CMS integrates with existing systems, there is no need for additional, expensive hardware or software to load credentials onto security devices. In its administration role, vSEC:CMS streamlines all aspects of device management by easily connecting to enterprise directories, certificate authorities (CAs), external databases, and the largest number of card printers and Hardware Security Modules on the market.

We’re also multi-functional, which means our services can be scaled for a wide range of applications. It is an innovative service that helps secure millions of users and hundreds of companies around the globe from becoming victims of cybercrime.

In the last year, we’ve extended support to include the latest generation in smart cards and tokens from industry leaders like Gemalto, Idemia, Yubico and upgraded our Operator token to improve performance. To see the current supported credentials, visit us here: https://versasec.com/products/supported-credentials/.

We continue to grow our integration with a variety of hardware devices to maximize your security options with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from nCihper and Thales cloud-based Data Protection on Demand (DPoD).

“Our vSEC:CMS S-Series is integrating DPoD to provide a high level of security regarding the master keys for the CMS,” said Joakim Thoren, CEO of Versasec. “HSMs offer the highest level of security when you use the self-service by storing the master key in an HSM, and DPoD makes on-demand HSMs accessible and affordable, giving customers important options for securing vSEC:CMS through an HSM.”

vSEC:CMS connections

We continuously upgrade and improve vSEC:CMS with quarterly releases. Watch for new connection announcements by visiting our press room. Stay tuned!


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