vSEC:CMS Version 6.4 Integrates with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)

Date: 2022-07-21
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

Version 6.4 Integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

With version 6.4, vSEC:CMS now integrates with Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory or Azure AD) to query for user data.

Using Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) as a user directory for vSEC:CMS brings to organizations new possibilities:  for those who have already moved their user directory from on-prem to Azure AD and for those who are considering it as a complement to their ecosystem. Azure AD can be used for users from the entire organization, parts of it, or for specific groups, such as external contractors or temporary workers.

Credentials can be issued with PKI and FIDO2 capabilities, using user information from the connected Microsoft Entra (Azure AD). When issuing FIDO-enabled credentials, the user information is also added to the connected IdP. With the modular way of configuring connections in vSEC:CMS, adding an Microsoft Entra (Azure AD) connection on top of the already existing AD and/or LDAP directories is a simple process.

Earlier this year, Microsoft Entra (Azure AD) added certificates as an option to authenticate into its portal. With vSEC:CMS user directory integration to Microsoft Entra, users can now come full circle. Organizations can issue a credential with a certificate to a user whose information is stored in Azure AD for these users to be able to authenticate into Azure AD with this credential. Additionally, the user can also perform all the cryptographic operations with the same credentials and its certificate: email and data encryption, digital signature, VPN, among others.

The fact that Versasec’s vSEC:CMS now supports Microsoft Entra (Azure AD) with Certificate Based Authentication opens up very interesting opportunities. I see a lot of organizations in the financial and public sector who are moving to AAD (both hybrid and cloud only). These organizations are typically smart card enabled and have a real need to use the cloud as identity provider.

vSEC:CMS is by far the best credential management solution on the market and the opportunity to leverage Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) with Entra ID (Azure AD) as an identity provider is a game changer for security-conscious organizations.

-Peter Swedin, Sr Security Architect, Skydome Cyber

Today’s demo begins with connecting Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) to vSEC:CMS. It follows with issuing a certificate to a user from Entra ID (Azure AD). And it ends with a cryptographic operation, demonstrating document signing in Adobe PDF.

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