Lock YubiKeys With Enterprise Preferred Interfaces

Date: 2023-11-08
Author: Versasec

yubikey interface management

Last month, Versasec launched the capability to lock the YubiKey Interface Management at the admin level for superior enterprise management and security. Many companies and organizations are already enjoying the benefits. If you haven’t already, you can download our latest version here: https://download.versasec.com/products/product-registration

Our video demos are back! Watch a short video demo to preview this Versasec feature:

In brief, what you will see in the video:

  • The default configuration in the YubiKey Manager screen.
  • Versasec’s capabilities to lock the interfaces.
  • The YubiKey will be issued and handed to the user. If the user attempts to turn on or off any additional interface, the YubiKey Manager will require the lock code to accept the changes.
  • When the user fails to present the lock code, they cannot change the interfaces, resulting in a successful use case!

Whether you manage hundreds or thousands of YubiKeys, locking YubiKeys’ interfaces can come in handy and improve your organization’s security.

Above, vSEC:CMS provides lock code capabilities for YubiKey Interface Management.

Further, wave goodbye to helpdesk hours when users have activated other use cases without permission. Issue YubiKeys with the capabilities just needed for their role and tasks. With this capability, whether you choose PKI and/or FIDO, the YubiKey will remain in perfect condition throughout its life cycle. Say hello to the control and security you need to manage YubiKeys with peace of mind.

If the YubiKey has already been issued, can I still lock it?

Yes! If the YubiKey has already been issued, interface configuration changes can be pushed using the vSEC:CMS User application.

Is the lock code permanent for any YubiKey?

Remember, the lock mechanism is not permanent. When the YubiKey is retired, the interface settings and management key return to default.

Can the USB and NFC interfaces be independently configured in environments that demand that NFC is turned off?

Yes, Versasec can configure each function on the YubiKey to communicate over USB, NFC, both interfaces, or neither, independently of the others. NFC can be disabled for all functions and locked down to comply with any requirements.

I would like to download an evaluation version to try these new features

Indeed, visit our download page at https://download.versasec.com/products/product-registration.


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