Case Study: Australian Department of Defence

Australia's Department of Defence (DoD) is constituted under the Defence Act 1903. Its mission is to defend Australia and its national interests. In fulfilling this mission, Defence serves the Government of the day and is accountable to the Commonwealth Parliament which represents the Australian people to efficiently and effectively carry out the Government's defence policies.


The DoD required a card management system that would be easier to maintain than the old system, and one for which acquiring smartcards would be quick. In short, it required a more integrated and modern solution for issuing PIV smartcards.


The answer to DoD's needs was a combination of Versasec and Cogito solutions.

Cogito's Jellyfish is a modular platform that is agile and adaptive to change through daily product improvements and through its integrated machine-learning capabilities. Versasec's vSEC:CMS product suite provides software tools that securely and conveniently manage smart cards, virtual smart cards and tokens.

For the DoD's needs, Versasec's vSEC:CMS was the solution to the PIV smart cards element and the improved end-user self-service experience. Capturing user details such as "evidence of identity" and requesting cards and certificates all came through Cogito Group's Jellyfish.

  • The Jellyfish + vSEC:CMS combined solution provides an integrated and intuitive web-based interface which allows users to request hardware and software credentials.
  • The flexibility and customisability of Cogito's Jellyfish system allows system administrators to capture data that is not usually captured by CMS. It also allows users to define customised workflows that meet their business requirements.
  • Jellyfish's data sync engine is capable of reading data from multiple sources and allows customers to centralise and rationalise the data to retire legacy systems. In the case of the Australian DoD, Jellyfish reads user data from a PACS and a legacy CMS then transforms and imports it into a centralised directory which is then used by vSEC:CMS to issue cards to users.

Implementation and Early Results

Cogito is currently deploying the solution to the DoD, and the results to date have been very promising and include the following:

  • Better documentation - it is simpler to keep information up to date, and the documentation covers all functions and configurations of the system.
  • Significantly improved graphical user interface and usability improvements over the old system.
  • Improved upgrade installer, troubleshooting procedures and more.
  • Stable backend services, security elements and more that will help keep data safe, and help the DoD maintain its mission to defend Australia's national interests.

About Cogito Group

Cogito Group is an Australian-owned ICT company dedicated to providing organisations with digital security solutions. Cogito assists organisations with their digital security and authentication requirements. Cogito takes the 'trust' conventions that work in the physical market place, which protect organisations from fraud - such as photo identification; hand written signatures - and make them work online.

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