Partner Case Study: Certgate

Certgate is one of the leading IT security providers for secure mobile communication technologies and a long-time member of the alliance “IT Security Made in Germany”. Internationally leading companies and agencies such as the Federal Employment Agency and state security agencies abroad secure their mobile communications through certgate’s patented technologies and products.

Certgate’s solutions are also distributed globally through partners, providing real protection against hackers, mobile data leakage and unauthorized access – even through government agencies. Today, certgate protects its mobile communication and data for thousands of users worldwide.

The certgate Offer – AirID

certgate’s AirID is the combination of card reader and visual badge holder. This enables smart card functionalities up to 10 devices at the same time using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology with a smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC. To do this, it secures the data transfer through a 256-bit encryption and connects completely wirelessly to all devices. By using the AirID reader and badge holder, employees in companies with an existing public key infrastructure (PKI) can use their usual identification cards, with the added benefit of being well prepared for the future mobile workplace.

AirID has the form of an ID card holder and impresses with its discreet characteristics. Users always carry the AirID with their company IDs; and unlike other card readers, the smart card remains in the reader during all applications.

With AirID, users meet all modern security requirements in a heterogeneous network landscape. With its unmistakable appearance, the smartcard solution as a mobile card reader fits inconspicuously into everyday working life and enables encrypted communication. Integration into the corporate infrastructure takes place in close cooperation with the customer.

The Combined Versasec and certgate Solution

Customers can use vSEC:CMS to manage the full lifecycle of the AirID, from issuance of the wireless card reader ready for use, maintenance of the AirID, and revocation after the user does not need the smart card reader any more. After the smartcard and reader are set up, users can quickly authenticate for login, secure email or code signing easily using the AirID as the first factor for their two-factor authentication.

Thanks to the partnership between Versasec and certgate, users can quickly and easily set up and authenticate all their AirID devices ready for use within their organizations. Whether the organization requires two-factor authentication for 20 or 200,000 users, vSEC:CMS with AirID is the perfect solution.

If you would like to learn more about vSEC:CMS click here. If you would like to see details of the AirID, please visit the AirID website.


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