Case study: Omegapoint

Omegapoint is the leading IT security consulting firm in Sweden with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Kalmar, Falun and Umeå. Omegapoint has since 2001 been providing its customers with Advisors and Experts in IT/Information Security, Systems Architecture and IT management.

Omegapoint operates mainly in the following business areas: Defense and Public organizations, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Bank, Finance and Insurance, Media, Telecom, Automotive and Utilities.


Omegapoint AB staff use minidriver enabled smart cards for both logical and physical access. In order to manage the lifecycle of the smart cards Omegapoint AB IT staff had to manually manage the smart cards, storing important security information about the smart cards in files. This was both inefficient and insecure.

"The high level of security with all keys located and used on the hardware token and the very fast integration into our systems, makes vSEC:CMS T-Series Token a perfect solution for our needs." /Johan Lund at Omegapoint


It was decided to look at alternative ways to manage the lifecycle of the smart cards. Leading providers of Smart Card Management Systems (SCMS) were looked at and in the end Omegapoint AB, after careful evaluation, selected the vSEC:CMS T-Series Token from Versasec.


The implementation was very straight forward. The vSEC:CMS T-Series Token is preconfigured with the SCMS application residing in the AES encrypted flash storage of the token. Using the built in minidriver smart card, all security keys required by a SCMS are stored in hardware, giving maximum security. As Omegapoint AB had all of the necessary backend systems already in place, it was simply a matter of attaching the vSEC:CMS T-Series USB Token to an IT operators host system to begin managing the staff's smart cards.